About Us

Image Superstore

Is a blockchain Web3.0 company.
Founded by photographers
for photographers.

We believe in the potential in pay-for-service imaging industry. We have one of the best inhouse team of developers, imaging professionals and ISO control managers building a SaaS (Software as a service) system to help photographers run a successful business

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Our Mission

Make Photography Business Highly Profitable

Our Road map

  • Integrate first 20 suppliers & manufacturers into one SaaS system. Consistent ordering process, communication, quality check, logistics, payments and information reporting
  • Reengineer a much more effective Sales Process for Photographers with 3D rendered virtual ready-made products that customers love and want to buy.
  • Launch the Sales Presentation Service (SPS) with professional graphic artist support.
  • Get the best deal for photographers on Pay-By-Installment facilities to offer end customers.
  • Build community, whereby photographers can discuss and suggest what else we can do to help them build a more successful business. We act on behalf and for the benefits of our community photographer members.
  • Integrate 2nd batch of 30 suppliers & manufacturers into the SaaS system. Eventually photographers can find everything they need all under-one-roof
  • Launch community crypto currency (film token) on major blockchain exchange focusing on the pay-for-service imaging industry. Young consumers can use the film token to purchase services provided by all our community photographer members. Hence taping into the fast-growing Web3.0 community. It is estimated by end of year 2025, Cryptocurrency will become main stream and 44% Gen Z, 64% Millennial consumers will be looking for imaging service providers accepting crypto currencies.

  • Eventually Image Superstore will be fully governed by the imaging professional community through votes and DAO (Decentralized-Autonomous-Organization). Power to the people!
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